Why and how to stay focused?

Realize to make few decisions.

  WHY ?

  • Because the more decisions we make the more our brains become fatigue, our brain utilizes more glucose that flees the willpower which has the ability to make more decisions and higher quality decisions.
  • The more decisions you make the less effective you will be in the long-term because we are going to use our brains resources and power (willpower) will go out of the window, try to minimize the number of decisions.


  • Stop browsing:
    • Overall browsing randomly completely depletes your focus and willpower suddenly if you stop and start focusing on something stable like a book or a work at hand, you will be doing “multitasking” and be distracted, without focus nothing gets accomplished.
    • So, the brain is fatigue.Then what happens? you have the tendency of randomly flipping things, it’s easier to become distracted.
    • The more distracted your mind gets it is much harder to focus on one thing at a time and you face problems in completing the task which you have started.


    • Stop browsing so much, all tweets, news feed, Facebook posts.If you are working as a social media marketer or if it is your job to maintain social media pages for branding or marketing it is completely fine but if you are student of electrical engineering and watching cat videos on youtube all day just recheck where you are investing your time
    • Asking yourself, every time to pay attention ? or not to pay attention?  that decision is costing your focal power and resources later on even if you don’t know it.
    • Focus on only one thing at a time.


  • Define your mission:
    • You must define your mission for the day,  the mission for the week, month, year and your life. define what your next task would be.
    • Plan to go step by step to get very clear very very clear to get there.this is the only plan you should keep be flexible with methods but stay focused on the end goal or mission.
    • For everything else Say No!

“Focus goes out of the window when we don’t have consistent progress

  • So the key is getting more progress to get more progress.
  • As you progress the more you get excited and pay attention to things that are working and moving you forward this makes you find more focus in life.


“Say ‘No’ To Everything Immediately From Now on Always,

Life Is Saying ‘Yes’ But Saying Yes To Everything Makes You Miserable”

  • I don’t want you to say yes to any projects immediately anymore.Commit but give yourself a couple of hour break or an evening break.
  • Say no first and give it some thought whether to focus on it or not.

“If You Are Going to Focus On Something Make Sure It Is Going To Lead To Some Kind Of Good Outcome To You And To The People In The World, Say ‘Yes’ If It Is Your True Passion, Your True Love and If You Want To Spend Your True Spirit On It – Otherwise Say ‘No'”.

Hope you will have a productive life.