First of all, I would like to thank you for taking some time of your life to peek into my world.



Let Start Here :

Hey, I’m Sai Teja Ramesh, I’m a person who is damn passionate about starting a business and make it grow, I don’t know why but the process of starting a business with nothing to reaching a break even (No loss no profit) and making it reach profits excites me.

I feel I’m an adventurous soul with huge loads of entrepreneurial spirit. I have started young on my journey, I saw my parents work every day just to win our bread and survive if you ask me that’s your motivation? I say maybe YES!

I definitely know the process down to up and how it feels to be poor in life, I worked and tried many different types of works, from selling mangoes on streets to doing the works of a day laborer, to gain experience and taste of tough grind.

I believe some things can’t be adapted just by perusing a few books or viewing a video, so I love learning things in the correct way that is by doing them.

By keeping the “Learning by doing” principle in mind I have worked with varies startups since the past 6 years for little or no income and have started some startups on my own too and have seen the mistakes startups make and made many personal mistakes too and I got addicted to the process of becoming an entrepreneur and money don’t excite me any more (Its just a tool).

If you are like me you are not alone, This is the website where I share most of my experiences as a struggling person who is pursuing to be an entrepreneur, who just started and as the one who is more interested in risk-taking and experimenting along the way, I can’t say that its the same journey for everyone but I can guarantee that you will definitely learn from my journey.




  • Yes, I’m Writing a book on the process of entrepreneurship … Will announce an update soon FIND OUT …

  • There are many reasons and deep beliefs that you should know why I love entrepreneurship. I would like to confess that money or buying cool stuff is not my motivation, Among many reasons my

    #1 reason is It gives me an opportunity to solve problems around me.
  • To be frank, I don’t drink coffee or tea, I like their taste anyhow. I stopped drinking many beverages…

    But I prefer Green Tea mixed with lemon and honey in the morning.

  • When it comes to personal life my #1 role model is my dad, He is just awesome and great and he always inspires me.

    Professionally I have many people who also inspire, life gives us an opportunity to learn from everything and everyone. 

  • If you have any questions to ask feel free to contact me


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