5 Awesome things to do before you start your day 


Success begins by what you do in your day to day routine.

The moment you start achieving goals in your day to day living you will win in your life.

“Success is more about the person you become than what you get in the process” 
Sai Teja Ramesh

1.Meditate and Pray:

Meditate at least few minutes to relax your mind and body, Use earphones and listen to soft music to create a unique environment, after you clear your mind from all the distractions pray for some time by focusing and talking to the creator about how your life is and  on what you want on that day and in your life.

Praying allows you to focus on what we want by activating your subconscious mind, it directly or indirectly makes you go towards the path you desire.

2. Read :

We often hear this that “Readers are leaders” it helps us to lead in whatever field we are in with the knowledge we acquire over the years.

Reading does to mind what exercise does to your body, reading is a way to grow your mind’s muscles, if we don’t exercise regularly our physical health gets depleted it is similar with your mind.

“Always take some time to read, at least 10 – 20 minutes daily”.



3.Review your dreams and goals:

Your goals and dreams need to be externalized before you have something to review, yes you have probably heard many great personalities say about the importance of writing a journal.

This is a way to layout an overall strategy of your life and this will let you know where you are heading.


Who in the world doesn’t knows that exercise is a good thing for our body?

Challenge is to do at least some things we know already, among them exercise is number one in the list.

Use mobile apps such as 7-minute workout, for starting a new routine to develop your health state, Hire a personal trainer, join an organized sport, join a gym.

Do what may interest you but it is important to move your body at least 15 minutes every day for maintaining your energy levels throughout your day.

 5. Eat a great breakfast:

Yes, you are clearing your mind, feeding your brain with good stuff and you are burning your calories.

Now, what about your body?

Eating a good breakfast will keep you energetic, include food like eggs, nuts, and oatmeal that are rich with nutrients in your morning diet routine.

Never skip your breakfast, it is a reason why most people gain weight, skipping breakfast make you extra hungry and tired and that will encourage your body to eat heavy meals.

Avoid foods with extra sugar, flour, and spices.


Start your day with these daily routines, like meditation, reading, writing your journal, exercising and eating great breakfast and that will make a lot of difference in your life in the long run.

Wish you a great success in your life.

– Sai Teja Ramesh.