Never Ignore Sales ! Especially in a Startup!

You are excited, you made all your efforts to invest your time energy on your idea and you brought it into reality, now you have a prototype in your hand.. what would you do?

Some of the most common answers would be I will find investors or if you capital you will say I will build a huge inventory and hire employees and I will sell all my inventory and make millions!

Great ! but do you know? this is a pattern of the startups which failed in their first few years even with huge capital and resources.

When you are a startup you will have limited decisions to make even a small error can cost you a lot, to avoid this there is one skill the founders must never ignore, to survive in the capitalist environment every startup must focus on sales research , sales and sales research go simultaneously because when you have a prototype of the product you want to sell or if you have a service you want people to experience, you have to know how your potential customers will respond to it, you need to ask them to buy your product or use your service instead of just asking their opinion because opinions are free and everyone could act in favor to your ideas to be nice to you.

But when you ask people to pull out some cash and become your customer you will know if your idea is worth manufacturing or not…
for this you have to personally meet your customers and talk to them and know what they need, take notes and if you can fulfill their requirements like no one else you are ready to take a ride for the adventure of building your business.

So, Never Ignore Your Customer Needs For Sales In Any Business…