Screen savers for entrepreneurs to be motivated and inspired

There are  many awesome wallpapers out there about nature, cars or bikes , quotes about love, life etc.. but these are the screen savers which are helpful to stay motivated in or at my work, and whenever I grab my smartphone it is like BOOM !!! a wake-up call to get back to work or like a reminder to focus on what is actually important , this blog post will be constantly updated with new screen savers, as I created them for my use, hope they will help you too.
if you need some constant updates about on entrepreneurship & what I do.

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Avoid Negative People
Negative people will make you feel guilty for everything you try to do, they don’t take an action but will find every possible way to bring you down when you try to accomplish something, Don’t abuse them don’t agree or argue with them but just don’t be around them they will eat you alive with their mindset.
If you have not read it for the last 6 months, it’s junk, throw things throw it away. When I am in doubt I throw it out. It applies to old clothes, tools, furniture or anything else that is cluttering my life. This is throwing things out usually comes because of poor childhood or from parents who had a poor childhood. Keep your workspace clean and keep each thing in its place. Declutter always makes you productive.
Balanced life and relationships
Your relationships are more important to your physical health, the food you eat, the exercises program that you own are even related to the genes that are inherited. How to build those winning relationships? If you help other people what they want you will get everything that you want. Make this your phylosophy of life for being the person of success.
Your worst enemy
Do I need to say more?
Company Culture And Your Future
Creating the company culture in a way that brings harmony among the team will create possibilities for greater achievements. It is the leader’s responsibility to create the culture of any company so that the company ultimately reaches its vision so that it’s beneficial for everyone.
Be Strong because People wil hurt
If you dont allow any one to hurt you they can’t, and you can take it as a benifit to be hurt by anyone because as they keep hurting you they won’t matter for your mind anymore as you will develop a thick skin to their comments and criticisms. leaving your spirit harder than steel.
Leadership is not just an act of a day or two but it’s having the ultimate sense of purpose towards your goals so that you can take some people with you. If you just wander around being timid with your actions no one will believe you and even you will lose your hope without clarity. You better know what you are doing.
Start Caring
I find business people chasing other people, things, money, and much more stuff. without even caring, come on do you like to get chased by someone with their manipulative tactics? NO!, if you want true respect and long-term relationship with anyone stop chasing and start caring because they are human like you.
I Can !
Yes, sometimes I lose hope for what I am doing to keep my self-motivated I start reading a lot literally a lot, Yes! knowledge and IQ are important but without your belief in yourself, no extra amount of knowledge can help you to achieve what you want to achieve.
Build Measure Learn
I find may startup owners obsessed about business cards and logo and other silly things instead of going out and testing their idea and learn about what their customers actually want to develop a business they dream about, my advice is if you are a startup or a business you have to do this to find out what your customer needs from you and learn it and build it this cycle is very important for your sustainable growth.
Happy Customers
yes, happy customers, if you don’t deliver what you have promised, you won’t have happy customers and this creates chaos and customer relationship breaks. If you are dreaming about sustainable growth only thing you have to be focusing on is generating happiness for your customers by over delivering what you have promised.
The information you consume the people who you talk and listen to creates an environment around you and that determines your mindset, use this knowledge to your good and leverage the opportunity to choose your mindset.
People work for many reasons objects, possessions, gold, money, but what is inevitable is your death and what will be left is only your legacy. CHOOSE IT ! & WORK FOR IT.