Hard times of an Entrepreneur

All these struggles, rejections, self-doubts, peer pressure, financial troubles and mental stress, lonely nights and unknown situations are a part of this journey, this voyage is hard and that is the reason only a few are willing to take their first step and even few will be able to pass through this and reach their destiny.

The world of business always care about the value you bring, it doesn’t care how strong or weak you are, how happy or sad you are, the market only cares what the heck you can do it.

When you face all these situations there are times you feel like leaving everything and go do something quick and easy to pass through this temporary pain but this path is the decision you made to have the life you dreamt and to follow your passion.

If it was easy everyone would do it.



As an entrepreneur, you will always have the drive to make something impossible happen, and it is not hard if you want this so bad and if your willpower is so strong, accept the path you walk no matter what the difficulties and face the obstacles with the spirit of a warrior.


People praise and criticise, money come and go, situations and circumstances uplift or cripple you down, but if your mind is equipped with this warrior spirit, you will break through the odds.

Running away from the problem makes it even bigger in the long term.

Adapt, change, move quick think long term but never stop trying and don’t change your final goal.