Doing MBA Vs Working With Startups

When I was young this thought always haunted me, should i be an MBA graduate to gain the skills which can help to start a business ? or I should work for an MNC ,what is the best possible way to gain some experience?

Now, I am more than glad that I didn’t join a university for MBA instead of that I choose to work with or in startups. As a child I was always curious about everything around me, I either be creative and solve problems or create problems in the process of learning things. These things had become my nature and at that age, I didn’t know that all these qualities will add up to make me an aspiring entrepreneur.

When I was a teenager I want to be an entrepreneur and establish great companies, I have seen my parents doing various kinds of tiny businesses as a kid and I used to analyze things and observe them do things to earn profits and this fascinated me. But I must admit I clearly lacked one thing which is the experience and knowledge of the business world.

Things being what they are, What I began doing? I read books when I state books, I didn’t peruse any fiction and fantasy books, I read a greater amount of verifiable and self-improvement sort and the vast majority of the books are on business related stuff, alongside this I joined some startups in my close-by circle, new businesses which my companions have begun and furthermore went to network events and joined new companies which are fascinating to me, the greater part of them rejected me, however, some were good to accept me as I was not asking for money to work for them. I began testing and sharing stuff I learned with the individuals on board and some of them executed and many didn’t at last what this intended to me was exceptional gaining from the oversights of mine and furthermore, from the slip-ups, others are making..

The vast majority of the new companies I worked with are down and the founders have returned to their old occupations and a portion of the new businesses advanced to small companies which were shut in under 2 to 3 years.

What I understood with all these case studies and examinations is being an entrepreneur is not a child’s play there were lot of things i had to learn and most of the things I learned are from seeing others mistakes.

If I may have chosen to get an MBA degree I would have been working for some company with all the student debt I have to pay.

By picking to learn by doing my adventure of turning into the best entrepreneur I can be is advancing and this interest to learn will never die down regardless of whether I wind up one, I clearly got addicted on the way toward beginning from nothing and developing as an entrepreneur. .