5 Things I Have Learned in 2018 as a startup entrepreneur

Most of the things I learned in 2018 are great eye openers for me and these lessons will help me all my life…

1. Money is important but as a tool

  • Chasing cash instead of a purpose and selling our spirit for cash is losing over the long haul, yet cash has its significance in life it may not purchase everything rather it can unmistakably get things done, it’s by far the best apparatus that can assist you with being a superior business visionary.

2. Sleep and food play a major role in life.

  • As a newbie entrepreneur with all the workload, I have sacrificed my night sleep and proper meals thinking that it is hustling but in reality, it’s costing my health I have understood that nothing is as much as valuable as staying healthy, so sleeping 8 hours a day and eating a proper diet to restore the energy is mandatory.

3. Our income is directly dependent on the skills we develop and how efficiently we use them.

  • Having high-income skills which market needs is always important to grow in your income, The biggest mistake I have been doing is the improper usage of the skills I’m growing and researchers say that skills which are not used repeated will be lost.

4. More than half of the game in business and life is understanding people.

  • People are complex and understanding them needs a different level of experience and observation skills, As an entrepreneur, you have to deal with people day in and day out.
  • If you don’t know them and understand their intentions and if you are not good at handling them you are going to face really hard consequences.

5. A loss can come from anywhere always be prepared.

  • Being prepared with calculations can be a lifesaver, the loss in life can come in any angle and dealing with them needs a certain backup of resources especially in business.

Extra: Patience and focus/clarity are your ultimate weapons for achieving something big.

  • No matter what happens consider it as a game and keep moving forward towards your major long term goal, if you have the patience and the ability to focus the blend of these two can help you to reach major heights.