3 Books I Want To Write and Why ?

When I was a kid I heard my teacher saying a quote.

On the off chance that you got this human life you either need to do some extraordinary deeds that influence others to expound on you in their book or you need to compose an incredible book.

This was one of my inspiration to either become an author or do some great things to change the world.

These are the 3 books that I always wanted to write:

The Process of an entrepreneur.

  • This book includes the entire life voyage of a hustling entrepreneur when he begins with minimum resources and how he gets his first achievement and disappointment and how he faces circumstances.
  • it will discuss the things that a great many people will for the most part not learn in schools and universities, likewise, discuss individuals who will attempt to sabotage you or help you.
  • it gives you an unmistakable picture to begin your adventure or revive your way so you can achieve your objectives with a bigger point of view.

School Vs Life.

(Didn’t decide a proper name yet)

  • This book examines the way in which our education system fails to empower life and it fuses the best approach to upgrade your career even without a degree.
  • It gives you the understanding of the human learning system to achieve mastery of your core skills.
  • It will discuss the major historical events that made the education system we have now and it additionally offers thoughts to get advancement in the existing education systems.

The weird misfits.

  • This book incorporates the lessons from the best personalities in history who were revolutionaries, oddballs and considered yet at the same time have achieved the statures of human presence and left their heritage.
  • It can assist you in understanding how to defy norms in the correct way so you can change yourself into an individual who can make history.
  • It will talk about the conceivable outcomes of doing extraordinary things by being a loner among the general public you live and gives you trust by taking you back to the real world.