2 Best Ways to Save Time When Your Meeting Gets Canceled Unexpectedly.


If you can have an opportunity to utilize the time that is going to be wasted and when your schedule changes unexpectedly you can do a couple of things that can save loads of time and make you extremely productive.

Money can be earned again and again but the time spent once is gone forever.

2 Best Ways to Save Time When Your Meeting Gets Canceled Unexpectedly:

When a meeting is canceled the most possible things that will consume your time is commuting and waiting.

Tip 1: Use waiting time

  • when you are waiting for someone to arrive you can change the waiting time into learning time, instead of listening to songs in your mobile try listening to an educational podcast or an audiobook.
  • Trust me you will never hate waiting from the next time.

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Tip 2: Using commuting time:

  • When an appointment is canceled there is not only the time wasted in waiting but also while commuting to the location,
  • So just like when you are waiting you can listen to audiobooks while commuting or have a call with loved ones when commuting.
  • I strictly deny the idea of using mobile devices while driving but when you are not driving this can be good.
  • What I do is I call to my existing clients and discuss what I can do to increase the value I provide, sometimes I also use this time to call references and book another appointment ASAP to find new clients.