​Why do people criticize and how can we deal with it ?

People will have everything to talk about others mistakes, they are always ready to pinpoint the mistakes even if you try to do something good.

Yes there may be some good reasons too but in my opinion

There are only three main reasons why people criticize:

1. It makes them feel that they are successful when they criticize others.

2. It gives them personal pleasure like an entertainment when they criticize anyone.

3. It is a fact because we are actually doing something bad.

So we are being criticized what we need to do now? 

1.When people criticize you for the feeling of superiority over you let them have that feeling, ignore it and if you could not ignore it pity them for their narrow mind and inwardly laugh at them.

2.If they want to feel entertained by criticizing you feel happy that they are happy because of you because you are being a source of happiness for others.
3.When they give a true fact about what is wrong with you accept it and if you are actually doing a mistake feel happy that the person is caring about your development and giving you an honest reply so be thankful and correct it.It will be beneficial for everyone ☺