First of all, I would like to thank you for taking some time of your life to peek into my world.



Let Start Here :

Teja is an adventurous soul with huge loads of entrepreneurial spirit in him. He has started young on his journey, born in a lower income family where his parents should work every day to win their bread and survive.

Teja knows the process down to up and how it feels to be poor in life, he worked and tried many different types of works, from selling mangoes on streets to doing the works of a day labourer, to gain experience and taste of tough grind.

He believes some things can’t be learned just by reading some books or watching a video, so Teja loves learning things in a right way that is by doing them.

The Process :



  • Yes, Actually I’m planning to start a book project, will announce it soon.

  • There are many reasons and deep beliefs that you should know why I love entrepreneurship. I would like to confess that money or buying cool stuff is not my motivation, Among many reasons my

    #1 reason is It gives me an opportunity to solve problems around me.
  • To be frank, I don’t drink coffee or tea, I like their taste anyhow. I stopped drinking many beverages…

    But I prefer Green Tea mixed with lemon and honey in the morning.

  • When it comes to personal life my #1 role model is my dad, He is just awesome and great and he always inspires me.

    Professionally I have many people who also inspire, life gives us an opportunity to learn from everything and everyone. 

  • If you have any questions to ask feel free to contact me


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